Lunaray completes security audit of NirvanaMeta Smart Contract

According to Lunaray’s official news, the Lunaray security team has completed the security audit service for NirvanaMeta Smart Contract. A total of more than 25 security audit points were conducted this time, and security issues were not discovered during the audit process. NirvanaMeta Smart Contract complies with various security audit standards of Lunaray smart contract and passed the audit.

NirvanaMeta is a 3D magical RPG chain game. Its appearance will redefine the RPG chain game and subvert the player’s inherent concept of the traditional game world.

NirvanaMeta is a new 3D magic chain game developed by the Korean blockchain game company NirvanaSoft, adapted from the classic Korean magic online game “New Paradise II”, with all its classic elements. The game has a beautiful picture style, rich epic content, and scale
The magnificent 3D siege warfare and the unique magical PK gameplay attracted attention. And put forward the “new magic” chain game concept with “phantom gameplay” as the core, redefining the new standard of chain games from the three aspects of “phantom vision, magic gameplay, and magic battle”.

If you want to know about the audit details please check out the below link :

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