Lunaray blockchain security completed the security audit of the SOULMETA project

Lunaray security team completed the audit of the Soul smart contract on May 3, 2022. During the audit process, the security audit experts of Lunaray Technology and the Soul project interface Personnel communicate and maintain symmetry of information, conduct security audits under controllable operational risks, and avoid risks to project generation and operations during the testing process.

Through communicat and feedback with Soul project party,it is confirmed that the loopholes and risks found in the audit process have been repaired or within the acceptable range.The result of this Soul smart contract security audit:Passed

SOULMETA is a decentralized soul social metaverse open to users around the world. Users match relationships with each other through algorithms, extract NFTs to obtain each other’s photos and contact information, and both parties can gain benefits in the process. This is a Social-to-Earn platform truly built on the blockchain network. Your exclusive share link.

Social platform:



TG for Chinese:





SOUL Contract address: 0x9c2DcEB3fEBEC3b7245a0c2395aFdd92d9364862

SOUL’s trading pair address in DODO:

SoulMeta will plan to deploy 7 public chains, Bsc, Tron, Polygon, Solana, Oec, Heco and Ethereum’s second-layer protocol.



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