Lunaray blockchain security completed security audit of MCS-P asset contract and MCS-P LP airdrop contract

Lunaray security team has completed the security audit service for the MCS-P project. A total of more than 4 security audit points were carried out from this project. The security problems found during the audit have been confirmed by the MCS-P team. Finally, the MCS-P Asset contract and the MCS-P LP Airdrop contract standards qualified for security audits of the Lunaray smart contract Standard, which the audit passed.

MCS-P smart contract (contract address: TUjwNG28iEa18s8WVnbxChu7g6SN2VCxUP)

Dedicated to providing users with the safest, most transparent, and longest-lasting financial management services. To ensure fairness, MCS-P Token does not do pre-mining, does not raise funds, and has no tokens for the team. The total circulation of 2 million will never be SPO(Secondary Public Offering ). The MCS-P smart contract's reasonable internal circulation and complete decentralization can bring users sustainable, long-term, and high returns. 100% of the code is open-source, 100% of the contract is locked into the fund pool, and 100% of the permissions are lost.



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