Lunaray blockchain security achieves strategic cooperation with PEGO Network

According to official news, Lunaray blockchain security has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with PEGO Network and will provide long-term security audits, penetration testing, security operation, security emergency, and other services for the security of PEGO Network applications in the future.

PEGO-Network is a DAO-based Public Chain that integrates DeFi, NFT, and DAO. In the future, PEGO Network will also activate the cross-chain in BSC and Tron network.


LUNARAY BLOCKCHAIN SECURITY:Lunaray is a leading blockchain security Auditing and Consulting company in the industry .

Audit Services:Provide services in smart contract audit, public chains audit, exchanges audit, wallets audit, etc.

Security Information:Provide real-time blockchain security informations and keep track of the security dynamics of projects.

Security Consultation:Provide customers with free blockchain security audit and security defense consulting services

Cyber Security Training:Provide customers with blockchain security training to improve employees’ security awareness

Assets Tracking:Recover lost cryptocurrency for customers with blockchain traceability technology and security informations.

Blockchain Development: Provide blockchain application development services by experienced development team.





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Lunaray takes a leading position in smart contract auditing and consulting service for blockchain security.