Get to know digital assets and security

01 Know the virtual cryptocurrency to prevent being deceived

At present, there are many virtual cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, with mixed good and bad. More and more illegal elements use blockchain technology to issue false encrypted currencies, causing a large number of users to be deceived. Currently, there are the following false encrypted currencies:

“Altcoins”: There are real project teams based on blockchain technology to develop in accordance with the white paper plan, there are active community organizations, and most of the tokens are issued in the form of Ethereum smart contracts. The tokens can be used on the digital currency trading platform On normal transactions.

“Air Coin”: There are white papers based on blockchain projects, and tokens are issued in the form of Ethereum smart contracts, but in fact, there is no real technical team developing and maintaining according to the white paper, only for the purpose of issuing coins and making money.

“XX coin”, without any blockchain technology and entities, etc.

These fake cryptocurrencies all have common characteristics:

It is not issued through the smart contract of Ethereum, most of which are transactions through the platform built by the project party;

Only Commitment to only rise and not fall;

02 How to protect my various passwords?

1. Keep the password and password, and don’t tell others.

2. Avoid simply using personal information to set a password, such as: own birthday, spouse’s name, etc.

3. Don’t just use the words in the dictionary.

4. The password is more than eight characters long.

5. The password contains uppercase letters and special characters, do not use weak passwords, such as 123456, 1234qwer; use strong passwords, such as Wyh0056…,…Cyy600!.

6. Change the password regularly.

7. Carry out hierarchical management of all kinds of passwords, such as:

Primary password: online banking, Alipay and other accounts involving funds;

Secondary password: secret mailbox;

Three-level password: instant messaging, Weibo, WeChat;

Four-level password: various forum accounts.

The role of encrypted asset security monitoring

1. Real-time control of personal assets and transaction dynamics

Many users often put their encrypted assets in decentralized wallets, such as imtoken wallets.

But we may not check the wallet often, so many users don’t know the changes of encrypted digital currency in their wallets. If the wallet address is bound to the monitoring system, the monitoring system will give real-time reminders and early warnings for transactions on the chain.

2. Recover lost assets

Many users have stolen or lost encrypted assets in their wallets, and it is difficult to retrieve them without technical support. Therefore, these users can bind their lost wallet addresses to the monitoring platform to grasp the transfer process of lost assets in real time. , Contact the security team for assistance in recovering.

3. Abnormal project asset monitoring

Many projects under the guise of blockchain have some abnormal phenomena such as running away, doing evil, crashing, etc. Users can bind the core wallet address of the investment project to our monitoring system, and the monitoring system will monitor the wallet of this project in real time. Analyze abnormal capital inflows and outflows.

4. Assisting regulatory agencies

The monitoring system can provide tools for illegal crackdowns. Through monitoring tools, the regulatory agencies can dynamically monitor the addresses of illegal wallets, such as the flow and traceability of funds, in order to achieve their anti-money laundering purposes.



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