FutureSwap account with about 300,000 FST reward reserves hacked

On February 11, the decentralized perpetual contract FutureSwap tweeted that last night, an account with about 300,000 FST reward reserves (0.3% of the supply) was compromised. The credentials for this account were leaked due to human error, and the attacker was able to gain access on Arbitrum and transfer the available reward FST to himself. Control of the compromised FST is currently removed by migrating the FST contract on Arbitrum. Arbitrum FST has been redeployed to its pre-exit state with a new contract, the FST Arbitrum bridge is currently disabled, with plans to bring it back in 24 to 48 hours. Mainnet FST is not affected.

We are kindly reminding everyone each trading platform should pay attention to check its own loopholes to avoid security losses caused by hacker attacks; investors should also pay attention to the safety of their own assets, investment is risky, and be vigilant to avoid asset loss.




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