Benefit Guide:Lunaray Blockchain Security

2 min readJun 19, 2023

Benefit Guide: We can provide:
20% discount on security audit services
20% discount on stolen asset tracking and monitoring services
Free consultation service for stolen assets
Free use of Token security detection
Free security bounty posting services

Project and Function Introduction: Lunaray is a company focused on the security of the blockchain ecosystem. Our mission is to promote the development of blockchain technology and enhance the security of the blockchain ecosystem. With years of experience in blockchain security and defense, we provide professional security audits, penetration tests, emergency response, threat intelligence, encrypted asset tracing analysis, and anti-money laundering solutions for cryptocurrencies for blockchain applications, smart contracts, digital wallets, trading platforms, and public chains. We do our utmost to ensure the network and asset security of our customers, providing safety for blockchain enterprises worldwide!

How you can benefit: Become a VIP3-SBT holder.
Benefits are as follows:
1.After obtaining VIP3 SBT, you need to provide the target content you need to audit to the VIP3 team to receive a 20% discount on security audit services.
2.After obtaining VIP3 SBT, if your virtual assets are stolen or scammed, you need to provide detailed information about the theft or scam to the VIP3 team for tracking and research as quickly as possible.
3.After obtaining VIP3 SBT, you can contact the VIP3 team to provide the project information for the security bounty application, to get the security bounty posting for free.
4.You can perform a free contract security check on the Lunaray official website,
Additional Remarks: The first 24 hours are crucial after the assets are stolen; the earlier the case is reported, the greater the chance of recovery.
Recovering stolen virtual assets requires a lot of resources, so it’s recommended to collect as much evidence as possible at the outset.




Lunaray takes a leading position in smart contract auditing and consulting service for blockchain security.