148 wallets holding PYR (Vulcan Forged) were stolen approximately 4.5 million PYR

On December 13th, according to the official Twitter of Vulcan Forged (Gamefi), 148 wallets holding PYR were hacked. More than 4.5 million PYR has been stolen.
According to the analysis of our Intelligence Security Team, the attacker exchanged some of the stolen PYR Tokens into ETH Tokens through Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3, and then transferred the 2 million PYR and 150 ETH obtained to the address 0xe3cD90be37A79D9da86b5E14E2F6042Cd0e53b66 and used the same method. Transfer the 20 ETH and 800,000 PYR obtained afterwards to the address 0x36D017ef00a1024B8046eC11C21EC8bea49eb347. At present, the attacker is still using the same method to exchange ETH. The ETH funds of the above two addresses have not been transferred yet. Lunaray Technology will continue to track the incident.

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